Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Big 28

Yes, I am 28-years-old today. We are in Moab with my family, and we are all going out in the desert to have lunch and ride 4-wheelers.
I'm not to happy about getting older. All to soon, my baby will turn 5, I will celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary, and have my 10 year high school reunion-YIKE!

This was my birthday present, the LG Dare. Is is pretty cool....I'm really excited about it :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UTI Nightmare!!!!!!

Kennedi woke up on Saturday morning complaining of a really bad tummy ache. I thought it was probably just the flu until she went to the bathroom and said it hurt to pee. I knew right then, that she would be getting a fever pretty soon, and that she had another UTI. This is the 4th time she has had one, and on the 3rd one, our doctor warned us that if she came back with another one, he'd have to run some tests to see what was going on.
So when I took her in yesterday, and they confirmed that it was a UTI, they scheduled her for a Voiding cystourethrogram, which is an x-ray of the bladder and urethra. They had to put a catheter in and insert a dye into her bladder to to check for any reflux.

When we got there, she was pretty excited to get an x-ray, and thought it was cool to get in a hospital gown. Then the nurse came in and we tried to explain the catheter to her, and she seemed ok with it.

Then when the nurses started to put it in, she FREAKED out. Poor thing, I felt so bad for her. We were all holding her down while she was screaming "let me go, I can't breath", and anyone who knows Kennedi, knows how loud she can scream.
Well the first one would not go in, so they went and got a smaller one, and sent me and Analee out of the room for attempt #2. I could hear her yelling for me, and I just wanted to burst into tears myself. They did get it in though, and then she was able to calm down.

Then they had to put the dye in her. Here is Grandma Analee doing treasure hunt on her tummy to distract her.

They took 4-5 x-rays, and then she was all done. I was so proud of her. That was a lot for a 4-year-old to go through. Now we just have to wait for the test results.
Saturday, November 22, 2008

30 WEEKS!!!

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and feeling great. I have a feeling the next 10 (hopefully less) weeks will fly by with the holidays coming up. Lately I have been a little obsessive with sewing for this little guy. I decided to make all of his bedding (I'll post pics of it later), and I've also made him some blankets. It has been a lot of fun getting ready for his arrival.

Ok...on to my TWILIGHT review:
I totally loved it! I think I smiled the whole way through it. I thought Bella and Edward were totally perfect for the parts. I could tell it was a low budget film though, hopefully they put a little more into the making of New Moon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK........only 6 hours until TWILIGHT!!!! I'm so excited!! We are doing a girls night out, starting at Denny's (lack of options in our little town), then heading to Gunnison to stand in line so we can get a good seat.

So I just have to comment on my mom. She is even more excited then I am (is that possible?? apparently so). They weren't going to do a midnight showing in Moab, so her and her friend went and talked the owner of the movie theater into letting them buy out the theater and just sell the tickets themselves, which they had no problem doing. Then, they got shirts to wear to it, and they bought a bunch of twilight stuff (posters, pins, shirts, CDs) to raffle off before they start the movie. They also got these to put in the lobby to greet people.......
HA HA....She is going to kill me for posting this :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update....

Saturday was November 15th...which means the first day of open enrollment for Medicare.....which is what Shane sells for Humana. For about the last month, he has been working non-stop, doing seminars and signing people up to get ready for this. So on Saturday, Shane and I started in Salina, and made our way north through Sanpete County, stopping at every little town, and ending in Fountain Green. He had to pick up enrollment forms from everyone he has sold in the past month. We ended up picking up about 110 forms by the end of the night. As of right now, he is the top agent out of his office...Good Job Shane! I'm so grateful that he has a job that he absolutely loves and is so giddy about (plus it helps that he has a way with elderly people...they just seem to love him).

So while we drove around, we left Kennedi at Grandma and Grandpa Hoo Hoo's (Shane's parents, Kennedi named them that a few years ago). When I called her that evening to check on her, she told me all the things they did that day and told me, "I've had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa".

She is so funny. We call her the "Grandparent Player". She loves all of her grandparents so much. It doesn't matter which one it is, but if she is with them, she goes out of her way to make them think they are her absolute favorite by hugging on them, and saying stuff like: "your the best grandma/grandpa ever". Even if it's her great grandparents that she rarely sees. She also does this to her friends' grandparents, which sometimes is a little embarrassing. But we all get a kick out of it.

Here are some pics from Saturday....
Monday, November 10, 2008

We Got Hit!!!

Yes...we got hit hard with the FLU. Yesterday, when we got home from church, I started feeling really crampy and it made me a little nervous. I tried to lay down for a while, but instead, started puking my guts out. I called my doctor, and he told me to go to the hospital to get checked. It ended up being a night filled with lots of FUN tests (girls, you know what I'm talking about), an ultrasound, and being hooked up to lots of monitors to watch the baby and an IV for the rest of the night.
The good news is, our little guy is perfectly fine, and measuring a week and a half ahead, and weighs almost 3lbs.
When I talked to Shane this morning, he told me that Kennedi had been up all night throwing up too. Poor thing, I felt so bad that I wasn't there for her. But Shane did a good job. She managed to throw up on the couch, and my bed....Twice. So he had that all cleaned up for me.
It is so nice to live by family. Shane's parents took Kennedi last light during all my testing, and then my mom drove over and helped us out early this morning. So a big thanks to them. Now lets just hope we didn't pass it on to anyone.