Friday, September 7, 2012

New wreath

I finally made a new wreath for my front door!! I found both of these on pinterest, and they were both so easy and cheap to make! I need to start on my Halloween one now.....
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daxton's first day of preschool 2012!!

Dax becomes a little awkward when the camera comes out, he starts making all kids of weird faces and won't look directly at the camera, he gets so embarrassed!  It remind me of the Friends episode where Monica and Chandler are trying to get their engagement pictures done, and every time the camera comes out, Chandler can't smile right and looks ridiculous!!   
I feel like my little boy is getting so big!!  He just started preschool again was so excited!!  Last year his teacher said he didn't talk to her or the other kids very much, so I've been telling him for about a week that he has to talk to his teacher!!  When he got off the bus, I asked him how school was and he said "I talked to my teacher!!".  He is so funny!  
I love watching him get on and off the bus....he just seems so small but so big at the same time!