Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun....Finally

Now that most of our part is done on our house, we can relax a little and have a little fun this summer.

We took Kennedi swimming the other day, and usually she just hangs out in the 3 ft area where she can touch and doesn't have to go under water, but this time was different. For some reason she decided she wanted to go off the diving board. The first time she was a little hesitant, but once she did it there was no stopping her. By the time we were ready to leave, she was diving and doing front flips.....

We went to Fairview to celebrate the 24th with Shane's fam. Shane was in the Parade for Humana, and then we headed over to the park where we played in a 4-on-4 sand volleyball tournament..........and totally kicked butt!!! We won first place, and felt pretty cool, here are the pics....
Tomorrow we're off to Park City for a long weekend...YaY!
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Closer

We have been working so hard the past three weeks on our house, getting there at around 9:00 in the morning and working until dark, and it has come so far!! My parents came over and stayed with us for 2 weeks and helped us. I am so grateful for them and for all of their help. While my dad was slaving away at our new house, my mom was taking care of my kids, cleaning, cooking, and doing our laundry.
My dad and I did all the tile work on the floors and shower/tubs. I think they turned out so good. Then Shane and my dad laid all the hard wood in the kitchen and entry way.

Getting the wood floor was a total nightmare!! The first shipment was wrong, and we found out they couldn't even get me the wood I originally picked out. So After they shipped me a couple different samples, I found another one I liked. We went up to get it in SLC on the day it was supposed to come in, and well it didn't come in. So......We had to drive back up the next day and when we opened up the box to look at it......WRONG AGAIN!!!! They sent me smooth wood instead of hand scraped. Long story short....I was mad, but under a time crunch because my cabinets were going to be installed in a matter of days, so I had to take it (not without making them fill really bad and getting a pretty good discount).

So here are a few pictures of our progress..........

Laundry Room
Master Bath
Main Bath

Then little Dax is sick for the very first time. I feel so bad for him. This is how he looked when he woke up this morning :-(

Oh yes......and did I mention we took ANOTHER trip to the ER?????
I think it was Thursday night, we were done working for the day and back at our house in Redmond. It was about 11:30 pm and Shane remembered that he forgot to move his trailer off the side of the road. So headed back up to our house to move it. Well about 20 min later, I heard him come home, and he peeked his head around the corner where I was sitting with my family, and told me to come here. I new something was up. I went to see what was going on and he had a shirt wrapped around his arm. "Ugh, Shane what did you do?!!! Mind you he got 6 stitches in his hand about a month ago. He said, "it was dark and I was moving the trailer and cut my arm on something sharp" blah blah blah.........then showed me this......
"do you think I need stitches?"
"HMMMMM.....well there is fat hanging out, so I'm going to guess YES!"

Awww, good times.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 month pics

We had Daxton's 6 month pics taken today....they turned out so cute, he was so good for them. He cracks me up, I'm still getting use to my little bald baby.

He had his check up yesterday, and weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 3 oz (3 %tile), 27 in long (70 %tile), and head circumference 17 in (32 %tile).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

******6 Months Old********

Daxton is 6 months old!! I can't even believe how fast the time has went by. It took us so long to get him and the first half of his first year is already gone :(

He is such a good baby!! He sleeps so good, I lay him down at 9:00 and he goes right to sleep and only wakes up one time to have a little 10 minute snack. He loves food!! This boy eats anything we put in his mouth (all baby food) and then cries for more, which is a nice change from his sister, who hates all food.

He was starting to get some weird bald spots, so we decided to give him a little buzz today. We cut off all his dark hair, I was so sad. His new hair is all coming in light like Kennedi's.

(Kennedi was our photographer)
I forgot to take after pics of him, I'll post some later.
Wednesday, July 8, 2009
The 4th was lots of fun for us, and very busy!!
All of Shane's family came to town, and it was so good to see everyone.

We started off going to the parade....
This was the first time Brenda (Shane's sister) saw Dax

Shane was in the Parade for Humana....he threw these foam fingers
Then we headed off to the park for more fun.....
Got to play with cousins.....(Dax and Krayton)

and by the end of the night, this is how we all felt!!!

On top of all of that, we were painting our house. Thank goodness my parents came over and helped us. They continued painting while we were off playing.

Kennedi's room.....

Living room

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So fun to Catch up!!!

We've had lots of visitors in the last week and it's been so fun!

My cousin Kendra (Gern) and her family came from Kingman AZ to stay with us. We had such a good time with them.

Shane's dad took us on a little wagon ride.....

We celebrated Morgan's (Kendra's little girl) 4th birthday and Kennedi gave her some make-up, nail polish, and jewelery.....


Then we got the chance to see our best buddies from AZ. It was so much fun!! We hadn't seen the Allens since we moved back to Utah a year ago, when Lindsey and I were both pregnant.

Our babies, Dax and Mia, hit it off cute are they!!

Kennedi and Blake picked up right where they left off.....still played and fought just like the last year never happened.


Things are totally crazy for us now. We are now at the painting stage on our house. I am almost done caulking everything, which has been a total nightmare with my 6 month old baby. We have to have it all painted by Monday so we can start with the tile and wood floors. Luckily for us, I have the BEST parents and they are coming over for 2 weeks to help us. Wish us luck!!