Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More digi pages......

My goal is to have Dax's first year scrapbooked before I have 2 more babies to do. I am getting closer, I'm probably 3/4 of the way done, thank goodness! Here are some of my latest pages.......
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kennedi & Dax 2011

We finally took the kids to get their pictures taken yesterday......and let me just say, if you know my little Dax, you can imagine how fun it was! LOL Surprisingly, we did come away with some cute pictures!

This little boy REFUSES to hold still for anything! This picture sums up our picture taking experience, but I LOVE it, and laugh every time I look at it. This is typical Dax!

Kennedi is a natural and every child photographer's dream. She LOVES getting her picture taken and is so dang photogenic, I love it! We got tons of good shots of her, here are some of my favorites....

Monday, March 7, 2011

She's 7 Already??

Wow....Kennedi turned 7 years old on Friday. I can't believe how big she is getting. I'm so proud to be her mom! Not only is she gorgeous, but she has such a cute and fun personality! Everyone always tells me how funny and cute she is.

This is a rare moment...Dax actually wanted his picture taken AND smiled for it!!!

Birthday Kisses......

She had a small bowling party in Ephraim, which turned out to be so fun (and so easy for me)!!

Then my family came over for the weekend to celebrate even was a fun filled weekend!!
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our little patient....

Miss Kennedi had Uretal Reimplant Surgery on 2/22 at Primary Children's Hospital.

I think she was the HAPPIEST little girl in the hospital that day. She was so funny!

Here she is waiting to go into the pre-op room......

Here we are in pre-op. They were running behind so we sat there for like 2 and half hours. They kept her entertained though....They had her pretend like she was a doctor and they gave her this doll to color on and then she got to give it shots, IVs, and all kind of stuff.

When they came to get her for her surgery, she asked if she could go back in a wheelchair. I don't think she stopped smiling after that. She kept saying "this is the best day of my life", the doctor thought she was so cute and funny!

About 3 hours later, we finally got to go into recovery and see her, she was still pretty out of it.

Once she got into her room around 6:30, she fell back asleep around 7 and slept the rest of the night.
She was feeling pretty good the next day. She was up and walking but was really sore. She has an incision a little over 2 inches long just below her bikini line, it was a lot bigger then I was expecting.
That hospital is wonderful and has all kinds of things to keep kids entertained. She went and played BINGO, in her wheelchair of course, and then she could call room service anytime she wanted.

She got lots of balloons and presents, and Shane's mom and my parents came to visit her.....

We expected to stay in there 2 nights, but they released her that evening because she was doing so well.

She has now been home a week, and I'll just say the recovery is not fun! Since they did surgery on her bladder, we've had lots of issues with her going to the bathroom. She's been having to go about every 10 to 20 minutes and she just cries most of the time because it stings so bad. I took her to the ER on Saturday night, but there just isn't much they can do because her bladder just needs to heal.
I've been so proud of her through this whole process, she has done so good!

My little Dax

My little Dax is getting so big! Although he STILL isn't talking, other then the 7 or so words he's been saying for months, he is turning into a little boy.

Life is always crazy with him, and the house is always messy....I think he has something against organization.

He is constantly riding something around the house, either his 4-wheeler, bike, or trucks...and just runs into anything in his path.

About three weeks ago, he decided one night that he was DONE with his crib. He has always went to bed so good and has been my good little sleeper until then. He would crawl out of his crib before we could even get out of the door to his room. So we knew it was time to turn it into a toddler bed....and he was not a fan of that either. We had to lock him in his room and he would cry at his door until he fell asleep, it was so sad!!

After about 2 and half weeks he has finally got used to it and now goes to bed so good. After I read him a story or 3, I kiss him goodnight and lays there by himself and goes to sleep.

Enjoying some pudding after church....
he cracks me up!
He LOVES to read books, whenever we go out to Shane's parents' house, he and Grandpa Reid read book in front of the's so cute!

Happy Valentines Day 2011

We had a fun Valentines Day this year. We kept it pretty low key, which was nice, and spent it with our kids.
Kennedi had to make a Valentines box for school and she came up with this idea on her own. It was so fun to make it with her....gotta love her Bulldog pride!
I'm the room mom in her class this year, so it was fun to do their V-day party and see her so happy and excited at school.