Tuesday, February 1, 2011
I had ultrasound #5 today, the big one where they measure EVERYTHING on both babies. It took forever! It was so fun to see them though. They are getting pretty big, and still measuring right on the money.

How cute is Baby A!! Notice his little fist on his forehead??
Look at those long legs....definitely like his big brother and sister!
YEP....and total BOY!
I love this picture of both their legs, they were laying right by each other throughout the whole ultrasound.
Here is cute little Baby B!
Here is his back, he also had his arm over his face.
And BOY!!
I'm pretty lucky and get to have an ultrasound about every 4-5 weeks, and it never gets old seeing these baby boys!!
I bought a couple matching outfits for them last weekend, and I think we have 2 pretty cute names for them as well.
Life is so exciting for us!!