Saturday, August 2, 2008

Riding Bikes

My mom was at Snow College for Youth Conference the last couple of days, so Kennedi and I went up to hang out with her. They had some free time, so they told us we could ride some tandem bikes.
It was so fun! At first, my mom, Kennedi, and me were all on one bike. Then after a while, my mom went with another leader and Kennedi and I were on our own bike. We drove all around the campus, and I showed Kennedi where I used to live. It was really neat. Kennedi loved it!


ourlittlefamily said...

You guys look like pros at that. What a great time!! I can't believe that Kennedi actually dared ride. Bailee would freak out at even the mention of going for a ride. Way to go Kennedi!!

Amy Jo said...

How cute is that? that sounds like so much fun, I bet it's good to be back closer to family. How are you feeling?