Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in MOAB

On Friday, when Shane got done with meetings in Cedar City, we went home, picked up our 4-wheeler, and headed to Moab. On Saturday, we went up on the mountain with some of my family to do some fishing, eat lunch, and ride 4-wheelers. We couldn't go to the lake we wanted to because of the fires, so we ended up at this lame one, and the fishing was not good. Kennedi still had a blast though.

On Sunday, we just hung out at my parent's house. My niece and nephew were there, and Kennedi absolutely adores Kenzee. Kennedi and Kyler have more of a competitive relationship (they fight constantly).

More Kennedi entertainment!


Our Family: said...

Hey Shanell! Cute page! it's really cute! We finally got one to. but I still haven't figured everything out on it.

Amy Jo said...

I love that Kennedi loves to perform. She is so beautiful and doesn't care what anyone thinks. You have done a great job raising her, I hope I can do the same. And I have to say your summer sounds busier than ours was.