Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend was so so fun!!!

On Thursday night, Dax and I drove to Cedar City and spent the night. On Friday morning we went down to St. George and I picked out all of my granite counter tops (which, by the way, I got a smokin deal on) and then found some couches that loved on clearance!!! So excited!!
After that, we headed back to Cedar because I was playing volleyball in the summer games.
I was a little nervous, because Shane wasn't there yet and I didn't have anyone to watch Dax. But he was such a good boy.....he sat in his stroller and didn't make a peep while I played two games in a row.
Our team did AWESOME!!!! All of us live in Sanpete county, and have never played all together before. We played a total of 10 games (20 matches), and almost went undefeated.
We lost to one team on Saturday morning, so we had to keep playing games back to back to work our way back up to the championship. We then had to beat the team we faced in the championship twice to win the the Gold....and we did!!!! WooHOO!!
Our Team: Jenny, Allison, Me, Jessica, Molly, Kalie
And now I can barely walk....I'm SO sore!!


Brittany said...

Good job! You kids are so cute... I haven't been on here for soooo long, your little Dax is adorable!

Rachael said...

Great job! What a good baby to just sit there while his mama played! Can't wait to see the granite you picked out!

Kirk, Mandii, Hunter & Taylor said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Next year hopefully I'll be down there for track soo.. if you guys need an extra player to sub in call me, I love being on winning teams ;)

*lindsey said...

um... i totally can't believe you didn't invite me to play. haven't you seen my mad volleyball skillz? No, really, have you? Because I haven't.

Amy Jo said...

That is sooo cool. Congrats! I remember that feeling the day after you play. oooh it's painful just thinking about it.