Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Park City Vaca

We went to Park city a couple weeks ago and I'm just now posting about it....totally lame, I know.

Anyways....we had a fun little break from house stuff. We went for Humana meetings, and they put us up in an AMAZING hotel room!! Kennedi was in heaven (OK, I guess we all were), it's nice to feel pampered every once and a while.

Here is Kennedi kicked back in her bedroom, fire place on, watching her TV that came out of the dresser. She told me to tell the workers she wants one in her room in our new house. LOL....sure sweety.

Watching cartoons cute!

Of course we did tons of shopping, got all of Kennedi's school clothes and Dax all of his winter clothes at the outlets.
Then enjoyed some sushi....even got Kennedi to try some.....and she hated it.


Rachael said...

Nice place!!! I would love to go to Park City and check it out. I think we drove there once but didn't explore!
I am proud of Kennedi for even trying the sushi!

Melissa S said...

How fun! Your kids are getting so big! Miss you!

Marci Coombs said...

WhAt? You? The pickiest of all the eaters I sushi??? I'm amazed. I don't even touch the stuff.

Palmers said...

I'm not a sushi lover either, so I don't blame her. Looks like you guys had a fun hotel. I can't believe Dax is finally gaining some weight:)