Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We look forward to carving our pumpkins every year.
On Monday, we got together with a group of friends and all the kids carved their pumpkins
Kennedi won "Most Outstanding Pumpkin" (She may have had a little help).
Then last night after the Halloween Carnival at Kennedi's school, Shane's family came over for the "pumpkin competition"....oh yes, who can carve the BEST pumpkin.

I thought everyone did a good job, the competition was pretty stiff this year.

Mine left, Shane's right
But, I think I pulled off the win again this year....sorry Shane.


Rachael said...

If you use stencils it doesn't count!!!...unless you make your own! Although maybe you are just so good that they look like you used stencils!!
Our pumpkin carving experience this year sucked!
Your pumpkins do look cool!

Anonymous said...

Boo, we missed pumpkin carving this year. It was always fun doing that with you guys. Question: are you wearing pink jeans in that picture?