Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Shane's family in Escalante and had so much fun! His brother and sisters and cousins are all around our age so we played lots of games and laughed really hard!

Daxton loved ALL the food, we couldn't shovel it in fast enough. Unlike his sister, who only nibbled on that roll.

Daxton and Krayton took time away from the stairs to play in the dishwasher....they are so cute together.

Bofore coming home on Friday, we stopped at the Shakespear's new cabin that is almost done being built. It was a little chilly in there until the fire got going....

We got home Friday night, and put up our Christmas decorations all day on Saturday. I look forward to doing this all it, Kennedi is always a great help, and this year Dax and the kitties were part of the fun.

Kennedi decorated her own tree in her room

This cat loves to climb in the tree

Saturday night, Shane and I went out with Coby and Jessica to celebrate mine and Jessica's birthdays. We went to dinner in Manti, and then to the movie in Ephraim....NEW MOON of course, it's even better the second time ( I think Shane secretly loved it too, he just won't admit it).

Then on Sunday, I turned the big 29....I'm not thrilled about almost being out of my 20s, but what can you do? I got to speak in church for the 2nd week in a row.....YES, IN A ROW!!!! Last week our family spoke, and this week the Young Women's Presidency had to speak. Just glad they're over with now!


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday again! What are you doing in YW? The lights on the house are awesome! I love the straight, clean lines of them! My cat use to lay in the tree too! Dax is adorable!

Palmers said...

Your house looks so cute with the lights. Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving? Happy late Birthday. I am with you when you say you are borderline team Jacob...I am right there with you. I love Edward, but Jacob isn't so bad hu? We went to it 2 times to and loved it. I think Darin secretly likes it to.:) They just don't want to admit it hu? That is so fun that your mom and her friends rent that out, sounds like a blast!

*lindsey said...

Oh man, I'm totally LAME and forgot your birthday! I even wrote it down and everything. I suck. Well, I hope you had a great one! Your house looks great, I was just thinking about you and your trees, I even had a dream I was shopping with marci for some hallmark ornaments and we made joe cry really hard, I don't know what that's about, I need a vacation or something.

How fun you got to talk twice!

Marci Coombs said...

Ok #1: Lindsey is hilarious. And #2: Like Lindsey...I had your bday written down {somewhere} and completely spaced calling you. SORRY! I am lame as well. Hope you had fun. We miss you guys!!!