Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy, Busy

Kennedi has been super busy lately. On top of dance classes three times a week, she has been performing at basketball games, and on Thursday she had her school Christmas Program.

She and Payton performed their ballroom dance on Friday at the basketball game, and I have to say it was the cutest thing! Payton is our neighbor and they are best friends. He is a year older then her, but she is just a little bit taller then him.

The batteries died in my camera before they got to the lift, I was so mad.


Kiersten said...

So cute! Soon to be on Dancing with the stars. I sent you a message on FB but will you send me your new address again, I misplaced the envelope that had it. Btw..Cute family cards. Merry Christmas!

Palmers said...

That is cute. I love her little dance outfit:) Your cards are cute! Hopefully you got ours to:) Did you guys decide on your kids presents for Christmas?? What are they gettting?

Rachael said...

How cute!