Thursday, January 21, 2010

Her Two Front Teeth

Last week, Kennedi and I went to Provo were she had a dental check-up. They found a couple cavities and from an x-ray saw that the roots on her two front bottom baby teeth were really long and her permanent teeth were growing up behind her baby teeth.
Her dentist suggested that he just pull them while she is here to get her cavities filled.
Kennedi was thrilled about this......she has been wanting to loose a tooth since she was 3 years old when her buddy Blake started loosing his.
They still have to put her to sleep to work on her mouth (she doesn't like shots).

She did so good. She woke up a couple times and said "Ouch" a few times, but would then go right back to sleep.
Here she is just waking up (right before she threw up).

Isn't she so cute with her missing teeth? She can't stop looking in the mirror.


Ashley said...

What a cutie! Halle keeps asking me when she gets to lose a tooth, too. Apparently, that's a big deal for little people. Kennedi must feel like such a big kid!

Rachael said...

Adorable! Alexis stresses bc she has only lost 9 teeth where her friend has lost all but 3 teeth. I told her last night....I promise you WILL lose all your teeth by the time you are an adult!