Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday, Shane, Kennedi, and I went to Brianhead and did some skiing. It was so much fun! We put Kennedi in ski school the first part of the day, which she totally loved, and that gave me and Shane time to ski together.

We had been hitting this fun jump all day, and the one time I videoed Shane hitting it, he ate it was pretty funny.

When Kennedi was done with ski school, we picked her up and took her on a few runs with us. I was surprised at how good she did. I was so proud of her, I'm so glad she is daring and willing to try anything we throw at her.

This video isn't the best, but I wanted to put it on here just to have of her first skiing experience.


Anonymous said...

Fun! We are planning a snowboarding trip in a couple of weeks too. I haven't been in like, a decade. But after watching the olympics, we got all fired up to go! Did you ski or snowboard? I've never tried skiing