Friday, July 2, 2010

River Trip and a Pageant

I've been slacking on my blog lately. We have had a lot of stuff going on and I really need to get caught up.

We've been working really hard on our yard and it's coming along really well. We had to move a lot of dirt and do a lot of leveling, we got our sprinklers in, got curbing, planted trees and planted all our flower beds, and put our tramp in the ground and put up the kids play set. It's been exhausting and by the end of my days I'm really dirty and really sore (but I'm super dark, LOL). We'll hopefully do hydro seed this week so we can get some grass coming up.

A few weeks ago, we had youth conference in Moab on the Colorado River for 3 days. Even though I grew up in Moab, I've never done a river trip.

I must say we had a blast! All the kids, leaders, and guides were so much fun.

In the pics below, Shane and I are on the back. We are about to hit a rapid and you can see as we get closer to it I start to grab a hold of Shane's life jacket. When we hit it, 3 in the front got thrown off and the rest of us got thrown into the middle on top of each other. It was really scary at the time...but now I just laugh at the pics.
(Don't mind the copyright stamp)

A few days later, Kennedi was in the Little Miss Gunnison Pageant. She did such a great job!
For her Talent, she wanted to dance by herself for some of it and then do ballroom with Payton Dyreng for the rest. So me and Nona came up with a little dance for them.
She did so good. They really didn't crown a "queen", but she won Outstanding Onstage Presence which was kinda the overall winner award.

I can never get a good pic of her and Dax together, he is just too busy to hold still that long.

This is the best one I could get of him....

Thanks to Payton for being such a good partner! They are so cute dancing together.

4th of July Parade.....


Palmers said...

Those are dang cute pics. I know what you mean with the not getting a good pic. We tried to do family pics this last weekend and it was a joke. Our kids were all over the place. We will be lucky if we got 1 good one of them each:) I think our family pic we just got 1 good one! So cute, looks like tons of fun!

JamieReidhead said...

We were in Salina for the 4th. We should have come to your parade instead. It would have been fun to see Kennedi in the parade!

JamieReidhead said...
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