Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seven Peaks!!

On Saturday we went to Seven Peaks with my mom, dad, Jason, Kyler, Matthew, and Heather and had sooo much fun!!

Kennedi, being freakishly tall for a 6 year old, could go on all the rides......AND SHE DID!!! Nothing SCARES this girl! The first slide we went on when we got there was the Free Fall. The tallest slide that goes STRAIGHT DOWN! Shane bet Heather $20 that she wouldn't go down it but she did won the bet!! Kennedi wasn't even nervous. I on the other hand almost threw up when she was getting ready to go...but she made it down just fine and loved it, so then I HAD to go down since my little girl just did!

This isn't a great video...but here is Kennedi on the Free Fall....

I love this picture because both of my kids are EXTREMELY dark and Shane is just as white as he can be!!

This slide doesn't look very scary from the video but it was.....


Dax wasn't a big fan of Seven Peaks. We took him down a few slides but he really didn't love them.....

Here is Kenna and Heather going down the yellow slide. Heather is going to kill me for putting this on here for the way the video ends LOL!

Hangin out at our canopy......


Knudsen's said...

I love all the pictures and videos. It doesn't surprise me one bit about Kennedi... she's fearless! :) Looks like you guys had a great time.

Rachael said...

That place looks like so much fun! I am jealous that Kennedi is fearless! Alexis is a chicken!!! Heather is brave to go down those slides in a bikini! I would be scared I would lose something!