Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We are having.........

2 BOYS!!!!!!

We are really happy and excited. At first I was really sad. The one thing I've said since we found out I was having twins is I want anything but 2 BOYS!
When we went in today for the ultrasound, I told our tech that she better not tell me I'm having 2 boys. She said it might be too early to tell anyways, but we'd look.
As she was measuring everything on Baby A, before she even started to look for gender, we saw "IT"...plain as day! I started to panic a little but thought we had one more baby to go, so I still had hope.

When she got to Baby B, pretty much the same thing happened. She started measuring everything and when she got to the Femur I saw "IT" again. When I saw it, our Tech said, "yeah I saw it a minute ago but didn't want to say anything". She and Shane just gave me a hard time the rest of the ultrasound.

I did hold my tears until we were walking our of the hospital though. Afterwards, we went and got 2 BLUE balloons and took them to our house before we picked up the kids. We had Kennedi walk in the house with her eyes closed. She was so excited until she opened them and immediately started bawling and yelling that she didn't want 2 more brothers, that she wanted a sister...I couldn't help but cry right along with her!
Now that a few hours have passed....and I've heard from EVERYONE, "Oh just think of how good they'll all be together in high school sports"....I'm getting more excited. We'll have 3 little boys under the age of 2 and when they get a little older hopefully they will all be the best of friends!


Ashley said...

Congrats! They will be so cute. I love little boys. I was hoping that my baby would be a boy because I wanted little boys close in age. Tell Kennedi that there are lots of benefits to being the only girl.

The Andersens said...

Yay!! Im so excited for you guys!! You will LOve having twins :)So exciting!

Rachael said...

Poor Kennedi...but she will be the only PRINCESS so she can get what she wants...especially since you will be so exhausted from those boys!!!!
It will be better in the long run!!!

Palmers said...

Kennedi is going to be out numbered that is for sure. It will be so fun though like you said when they all play sports and are the best of friends. I thought for sure there would be a girl in there somewhere:) Now they can all 3 hang from your chandeler:) It will be great.

Palmers said...
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