Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sick little babies!

Our poor little babies got so sick at the same time....I guess twins share everything, right?

First, Brody got sick and after a strep test, RSV test, and a chest X-Ray, we found out he had pneumonia. His oxygen level was fine and there wasn't anything we could do for him besides just giving him time to get better.

About 3 days later, Bronse got really sick too. It was in the middle of the night and he had a high fever and was taking wheezing and taking about 75 breaths/minute, so I knew something was wrong. The next morning and I took him in and he tested positive for RSV and his oxygen level was in the mid 80s, so they sent us straight to the hospital to get him admitted.

After about a day and half, he started to feel much better, but just couldn't seem to keep is oxygen level high enough, so he ended up staying in for 5 days!

Finally get to go home!