Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Homeade Wipes

I thought I would post this recipe since so many of my friends have just had or are getting ready to have their babies (Congrats to Jav & Tara, who had their baby boy today!). They are great for newborns-no so great after they are around 6 or 7 months.

1st: Get a roll of paper towels and cut in half. I use Brawny Big Roll.
2nd: Put one half in some kind of tupperware bowl with a lid, and save the other half for later.
3rd: Mix 1 tbsp baby wash, 1 tbsp baby oil, and 1 cup hot water.

4th: Pour mixture over the paper towels and let it soak in for about 10 min.
5th: Take out the middle part of the paper towels.
So I buy a thing of 6 rolls of paper towels, 70 sheets/roll, and I can make 840 wipes for under $6.
To answer some of the questions that have been left.......
I don't usually let my 5 year old cut these, it was only for the picture, LOL.
And, I don't like to use these wipes after they are about 7 months because their poop gets yuckier the older they get, and these wipes are not as thick as store bought ones??? I don't know....I stopped using them with Kennedi about that time, maybe I just got sick of making them. I can't really remember the reason. LOL.


*lindsey said...

So, do you always let your five-year-old wield giant knives? What do you give Dax to play with, used razors? I'm kidding. ;)

Anyways, those are really cool. I'll have to try it for sure. Why do they not work so good for older babies?

PS: I never knew about Jerome, but Matt's fam used to go there when he was a kid. It was only about 2 hours from here.

Kiersten said...

Hey I remember these from when Kennedi was seems like yesterday! Yeah the snow sucks, I wish it would just get warm and stay...I do miss the warm arizona days at the park:) I wish we were all close by with our new little ones, thank goodness for blogs!!

Melissa S said...

Look at you little smarty pants! I LOVE your little assistant! She is adorable! haha. That really is sweet! So why don't they work for the older kiddies? would they be good for wiping them up after dinner?

Rachael said...

I have read the directions for this before but now I get it! I will totally have to do this! So I guess you can scent them with any flavor huh? Very cool! Look at the great things you are teaching your daughter (besides knife skills)!

Lori said...

I will have to try these! Great pictures for the instructions! Love it.

peterson said...

I love that idea. I can't wait to try it out!

Palmers said...

Love the pictures of making the wipes. Oh I didn't know Jav and Tara just had their little baby. You will have to tell them we said Hello and congrats. That is so exciting for them. We will have to try the wipe trick:)