Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day & A Smiling Boy!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! (yesterday)
It was so nice outside was the first time I'd taken Dax outside without him all bundled up.
Daxton is just starting to smiling, so i was so excited that I caught this on video the other night while I was getting him ready for bed.


Ashley said...

Isn't spring the best! Chase absolutely loves going outside, and from the looks of Dax's face so does he! Smiles from a baby are the best!

*lindsey said...

Such a cutie, he's looking more and more like Kennedi. But I guess he did from the start, didn't he?

Kirk and Mandii Olsen said...

Oh my Shanell, he is to die for!! That video made me want to see him even more!!

Rachael said...

Those skinny little arms are adorable! When do you take him in again to see how the formula is going? He is so cute! Love the smile!