Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend in Moab. All of my family was home, so we had lots of fun!! We went out on a picnic, colored eggs, rolled them down a hill, did an egg hunt, and played Scum.

I thought this pic was so cute, Dax was entertaining the room.

On Saturday, we went out in the desert for our picnic and after we were there for a couple of hours, it started hailing really hard, so my mom, the kids, and I sat in the car while everyone else got wet.

Easter Sunday

Rolling the Eggs

Matthew's dog did most of the clean-up. She was eating shells and all.


Rachael said...

Your kids are just too cute! I love Dax's expressions on his face! I haven't heard of this rolling an egg down a hill thing before...must be a small town thing huh? JK!!!!

Kiersten said...

Looks like fun! You guys and your rolling eggs:) A tradition we will never forget along with our Reindeer Milk! Cute pictures.

*lindsey said...

Kennedi looks so cute in her Easter dress! And Dax is adorable too. I can tell he has a cute personality from his pics.

Palmers said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. I wish we could have come and played scum with you guys and seen everyone. We had fun here at home, but we always have fun in Moab and with you guys!

Kirk, Mandii, Hunter & Taylor said...

Kennedi and Dax looked super cute on Easter!! I can't remember the last time I played Scum but I do know it was with you, Shane, and some poor guy you were probably trying to hook me up with, haha!! Miss Ya~

Ashley said...

It looks like Easter was fantastic for you guys! I love the picture of Kennedi on the front porch. She's a beauty! Little Dax still looks tiny! When is he going to get that baby chub? :)

Marci Coombs said...

Daxton is SO cute. I'm tired of being patient. When the heck are you guys coming to visit? Pick a date already! :)