Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun Stuff

It seems like we have so much going on every weekend!!

This weekend, we started out with Kennedi's soccer game on Saturday morning.

She is quite the little athlete!!!

And for those of you who knew me growing know she has to be #3. ( My brothers and I were always #3 for sports)

Then later that night, it was her Dance Recital.

She was SO EXCITED!! She absolutely loves to dance on the stage in front of people.

She did such a good job. Afterwards, we gave her flowers and she thought she won the competition, LOL.

Here is her Ballet/Jazz dance. She also did a clogging dance, but I already posted that dance a few weeks ago.

(She is the one in the back row, between the two little blonds in the front. It's kinda hard to see her face.)

After the recital, we went out to eat with both our parents to El Mexicano (the only place to eat in Salina).

And I can't forget about Dax.........
He is a little over 3 months old now.....and has brought so much love and joy into our home!!! He is just such a cutie.
He has discovered his hands and loves to suck on either them, or he grabs his shirt or bib and sucks on those.
He is also finally starting to gain a little weight, last week he weighed 9 lbs 13 oz. YAY!


Rachael said...

Love the hair style for the dance recital! I am glad to hear that Dax is gaining weight.
Pictures of the house please....

Melissa S said...

OMH! I love her Dance outfit!! She is so dang cute! And Dax looks so little next to Shayne! I am glad he is gaining weight!

Also... I haven't been meaning to ignore you about the summer games! I just didn't have an answer! Shayla and Donna are playing with Nikki (Shayla's friend from Cedar) Amy is going to be more pregnant by then... so I jumped on a girls team I played with in highschool... So we will all be there... just not together. I hope you can get a team together! if you need girls let me know I can give you a bunch of numbers.

Kirk, Mandii, Hunter & Taylor said...

Haha that video was great, I can't get over how long Kennedi's legs are!! Seriously, I'm afraid the next time I see you guys she's going to be as tall, or even worse "taller" then me!!

Ashley said...

I want to go to El Mexicano! Sounds good to me!

Both of your kids are adorable, as always. I'm glad that Dax is getting a little bigger.