Monday, May 18, 2009

TV Drama

Tonight is the season finale of One Tree Hill, and I saw that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hillary Burton) are leaving the show. What??!!!! I have been sick about this (I know, VERY pathetic). This is one of our (yes, Shane watches it too) favorite shows, and it is pretty much based on Lucas' life. So.....I am so nervous to watch it tonight to see how they take them off. I really really hope they don't kill Peyton....that would just be wrong!!
Also...still a little stunned on how Grey's Anatomy ended. So did George and Izzy both die, or are they coming back???
Then....I'm super excited for AI's finale this week, I'm predicting Adam, although I think it would be great if Kris won.


Brenda Dickerson said...

As sad as it was the Grey's season finale has to be one of the best season finale's I have seen in a long time. The next best was when Denny died. My bet is that Izzy is not dead but George is. How can they repair his face and hand so that he will be back to normal? I know it is TV and everything is possible. They could do plastic surgery and then have some other actor play George!?! Rumors are that both Katherine and TR wanted to leave the show.

Rachael said...

I had read a few months ago that they weren't returning to the show next season...I hear Izzy (in real life) stirs up trouble all the time and George doesn't get much screen time and that is a huge contention with Izzy and George. I got chills when he signed 007 on Merediths hand! Oh that was good!
It is crazy how sucked into shows we get!!! I am looking forward to Bachelorette and will watch SO You Think You Can Dance too-there isn't much on in the summer!

Kiersten said...

Wes and I caught up on One Tree last night. I had no idea that was the finale AND I had no idea Lucas and Peyton weren't coming back..whoa that is crazy. I did enjoy Nick Lachey guest starring. Now I am interested to see what happens. They always sucker me in!!!

Kiersten said...

So I messed up, I misread your post and just watched the season finale. It was actually decent:) I enjoyed the happy ending for everyone..finally!! So they are really having a next season?

Travis and Cristan said...

Oh my gosh... Greys- I couldn't sleep thursday night and had a difficult time sleeping since then. I didn't know anyine watched it-yea! I am so glad you do! I am really disturbed- I don't know what to think! But it was an amazing sesason finale!!! I can't wait until Sept.!