Sunday, April 18, 2010

Born To Perform

This weekend was the big dance recital. It was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night (over 3 hrs each night). The theme this year was Broadway's Best. They did a total of 13 different Broadway shows. Kennedi was in 6 - Annie, Hello Dolly, Oklahoma, Hairspray, South Pacific, and Singin' In The Rain and I was in Mamma Mia. The show was long but turned out so good!!

Kennedi performed great as usual. I got so many complements on her. I LOVE watching her dance, I just sit and smile the whole time. She doesn't just dance.....she gets totally into it and she performs!! I love it, it's hilarious!


Singin' In The Rain

I have always loved to clog and was so excited when we moved here and they had an adult clogging class. It was so sister-in-law Jessica did it with me and lots of other friends were in it too.

Mamma Mia....

Here is a little part of one of our dances.....(This is for you Rachael)!


Hello Dolly....... ( her partner is our neighbor and best buddy Payton Dyreng)



video video


Rachael said...

OH TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I love it -she is good and YOU mama....AWESOME! I love that you do this!

Palmers said...

Did you guys have so much fun? It looks like a lot of fun with a full day of dancing and you getting to be a part of it with Kennedi:) I think that is awsome.

Yah, Brad and Zona are going to New Mexico. Their mission is Albecerque but it is actually about 2 hours away from there. They will be a a reservation. Everything is pretty new their with the church so they will be helping organize and putting together presidences and fun stuff like that:) Crazy hu?