Friday, April 16, 2010

School Play

Kennedi had her first school play on Thursday.....Goldilocks And 3 Bears.

She got to stand at the microphone and welcome everyone to the play and then she played the part of a Bee. She had the biggest speaking part and did such a cute job!

Dax found some blocks to play with.....Isn't he cute?

These are the videos of her parts from the play..........they're not the greatest but I put them all on here so Kenna can watch them.

This is a super busy weekend for us. Kennedi and I have our dance recital (yes "our" I do clogging and it's so fun) this weekend. It was Thursday night, Friday night, and again's exhausting. So there will be many pictures to come!


Anonymous said...

Please, oh please, post a video of you clogging! I need to see it! Good for you!!!
Kennedi is so adorable! So is Dax...we need to come up and see you guys and your house..

Rachael said...

Why that came up as my daughters friend acct I have NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!! SO crazy!!!!