Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you seen my Hubby?

It's that time of year....we refer to it as "busy season" around our house. She sells medicare advantage plans for Humana, and from OCTOBER 1st through DECEMBER 31st he is M I A around here. This year he is gone Monday-Friday working either in Cedar City or Kanab and then works the weekends here in Sanpete County.
I can't complain though, because the rest of the year he is home ALL the time (sometimes too much), I'm sure people in town don't even think he has a job most of the time!!
So......anyways......I enjoy my days hangin out with my kids (with no adult interaction), and at night I enjoy my TV shows!


*lindsey said...

:( You can always come hang out with me!!!

Palmers said...

That is a bummer! I'm sure your lonely with no adult interaction like you said. Hey, I love the picture of Dax hiding. That is to dang funny. He is a funny kid:)

Palmers said...
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Palmers said...

Sorry I deleted that....I accidentally posted twice:)