Saturday, October 9, 2010

Phone Pics

I need to post some of these pictures I have on my phone that I thought were pretty cute.

This was Dax pretty much all summer. He LOVES to be outside, in fact if we are in the house the doors always have to be locked or he is gone!

He thinks he is so big riding his bike!

My little Kenna is growing up way too fast! She also went very blond this summer, hopefully it darkens back up over the winter.

Love my little Dax!

We got to visit with the Allen family last weekend while they were in town. Dax and Mia were so cute playing then fighting then playing and fighting some more. Lindsey and I just laughed at them as they fought, it was the funniest thing!

(we told Mia to give him kisses...he didn't like that)


*lindsey said...

They were so cute when they weren't trying to murder each other!

Rachael said...

Does he ride his bike with no trailing wheels??? WOW!!!

Palmers said...

Dax does not ride a big bike does he? He looks so big! You gotta tell me what that bike is, I'm so confussed:)