Saturday, August 13, 2011

Daxton.....Summer 2011

I need to do a little post all about our little Dax. What can I say, he has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen, and he is the naughtiest little 2 year old I've ever met. LOL

He is ALWAYS busy and into EVERYTHING!!! You can't leave this little boy alone for a second. He is very resourceful too. We had to put high locks on all of our doors so he couldn't just run outside anytime he wanted too, but he found a way around that by just moving our bar stools to the doors and unlocking them himself. We then had to tie the bar stools to our bar with shoe looks really nice! LOL It has done the trick though, we haven't had our neighbor text me in the morning before I wake up to let me know Dax was already over there playing in quite a while (good thing we have wonderful neighbors).

We turned the door handle around in his room so the lock is on the outside so we can lock him in his room when he needs to go to timeout (yes we are mean), but this little guy has figured out how to unlock it from the inside. He will search his room high and low until he finds something that he can use and somehow ALWAYS gets it unlocked...then runs out proud as can be and yells AWHA!!!

How can you not just love him though??

He can be such a GOOD little helper!! He cleaned the toilets when I was in the hospital...LOL

His very favorite thing is tools and scissors. We have to hide all the scissors in our house and somehow he still manages to find them and then chase his sister with them, which he thinks is hilarious! A few months ago, I was doing my make-up and had a towel on my head and he had found some scissors and I didn't know it and he just came up and snipped my ear right on the cartilage part on the bled and bled and it didn't seem to phase him much. He got Shane's drill out the other day while I was in the shower and drilled 5 holes in our hallway walls, all the way through the Sheetrock!
Thursday my dad was here and Dax was in his boat with him while my dad was working on it, and found a razor knife and sliced his little finger was awful, we had to hold him down while he got 4 stitches.

Physically, this little guys is above and beyond anyone his age!! He is absolutely fearless!! on one of the many times he has snuck out of the house, we found him on top of our neighbors big camper trailer, and of course was so proud of himself. I just pray every night that in all of his adventures, that he will be protected and kept safe!!!

He can ride his little bike and he has never used training wheels. He gets going so fast on it, it's so funny to watch him. I took this little video while we were in Moab a few weeks ago. They did this about 20 times, and the one time I video, he wrecked...but it is so funny to watch it back. (just tilt your head to watch it).

Another thing....Dax doesn't talk as well as a little boy his age talks, which is so hard because he gets so frustrated because he can't communicate with us. As of June, he was saying under 20 words, and the words he said weren't pronounced well. He didn't put 2 words together either. We had been worried about it for a while, so we finally took him to an audiologist and ENT. As soon as they put the little camera in his ear, the audiologist said "Oh that is a HORRIBLE eardrum!!" His eardrums were both so full of fluid he was surprised they hadn't burst yet. He explained that Dax hears like he is under water, so there are a lot of sounds he couldn't hear.
We felt sooo bad, but we were so excited to get some answers and to know why he wasn't talking yet.

He had surgery on July 21st to drain the fluid and get ear tubes and remove his adenoids because he snores like an old man!!

His surgery was super fast and went great! His doctor told us he had a lot of fluid in his ears and that his tonsils and adenoids were HUGE. He didn't take out his tonsils though, he thought he was a little too young to do that yet.

It's been a little over a month and we've seen a big difference in him. He is talking a lot more and starting to put words together and seems less frustrated...fewer tantrums. We're hoping he continues say more everyday!


The Andersens said...

Shanell, I am SO glad you posted this..I think I needed to read it! Our little Jeter is the cutest little guy in the world, but oh my, he is SO BUSY! In fact, busy, is an understatment! He is into EVERYTHING! He's a climber, a gadget man, and loves to be into everything he shouldnt :) Its good to know there are other mothers that deal with the same things that I do :) I love him more than anything, but he makes me one exhausted mom sometimes!

So glad Dax's surgery went well! You guys are so busy!! With the twins, and everything else going on. Looks like you are doing great..You have such a darling family..Next time we are in Gunnison I would love to come see you guys...

Sarah Bogh said...

Oh he is so very very cute! Everything you say makes me think of my crazy little boy too! He is nuts and constantly has some kind of injury that still doesn't slow him down! I guess thats just part of being alittle boy huh? I'm glad Dax is doing better after his surgery and I hope his finger heals quickly!!

Ashley said...

He is so adorable. Keep telling yourself that. These stories are going to be hilarious one day. Right now, not so much.

I'm glad to hear he is figuring out those words. It's a long process, but it has to work eventually, right?!? Keep me updated on his progress.