Friday, October 7, 2011

Daxton's School

As I've explained before, our little Dax has a speech delay because of a hearing problem that we've hopefully resolved with ear tubes (he just failed his last hearing test though). 

While he is still 2, we are doing an early intervention program through the Health Department, and then when he turns 3, he can start going to Pre-school. 
He goes to his little school/play group once a week and he will start speech therapy tomorrow.
Is he not the cutest little thing you've ever seen??

Later that afternoon, he unpeeled all those stickers and put them on poor little Brody's head....good thing he doesn't have a lot of hair!!

He found Kennedi's old Dora backpack and insists on taking it every week!

Since Dax's surgery the end of July, his speech has improved a TON.  He is talking quite a bit and puts words together.  The part we need to work on the most is pronouncing the words right.  For example, he says OUTSIDE like OWHIDE,  so hopefully we can work with the speech therapist and get him caught up to where he needs to be.


Ashley said...

I'm so glad he is improving! I hope Dax can catch up fast, but in the meantime, it's certainly nice to utilize the district programs. If nothing else, it's nice to see other kids who have similar issues. I LOVE the toddler class that Chase attends. His speech therapist has helped us a ton, and even though "normal" talking is a long way off, we are doing so much better than we were a year ago. Our goal is to be caught up by kindergarten.

Keep me informed on Dax's progress. He's adorable! (BTW, that first picture cracks me up. He looks like he has some major trouble brewing in his head.)

The Andersens said...

He is such a cutie!! I love the back pack :) So glad that his little surgery went well, and that things are going good for you guys. You are one busy Mama!! You are amazing!

Rachael said...

He is the cutest kid (besides Oliver) guys make cute kids!
I hope he continues to do well with his speech! I bet he loves being able to hear clearer!