Saturday, October 22, 2011


 My little man is officially potty trained!!!! YAY!!!

I have been putting this off because I thought it would be a total nightmare, but man did he surprise us!!  The first day, I just had him go naked for about 6 straight hours and he didn't even have a peeing accident.  On the second day, he wasn't even telling me he had to go and would run in and go himself.  Pooping was a little trickier, the first two days he pooped in the toy room on the floor...FUN FOR ME...but by day three he figured out it wasn't so scary pooping in the toilet and has been a pro ever sense.  

Love him in his cute little underwear!
I do still have him sleep in a pull-up, but it is always dry in the morning, he even woke up in the middle of the night last night and went in and went to the bathroom by himself!  I'm so proud of him!!

These little guys went in for their 4 month check and here are their stats:
Bronse - 12 lbs 15 oz 25 in long
Brody - 13 lbs 15 oz 25.5 in long


Rachael said...

YEAH!!!!! I love those little butts in underwear! So cute!!! I am waiting until next summer to start with Oliver. He does enjoy sitting on the toilet so maybe he will just decide to train himself!

Ashley said...

Good job, Shanell! I am training Chase this week. He does great at home, but I am scared to leave the house. Unlike Dax, however, Chase is terrible at night. He'll be in diapers during the night for a while. Although, that's probably because he has a major nighttime milk addiction.