Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Halloween was so fun this year and weather was GREAT!!  On Friday night, we went to the elementary school carnival and the kids had lots of fun.  Dax actually let me dress him up this year and loved it.  Kennedi loved being a vampire, and her mouth of teeth were so funny because she had her fang in and she is missing on of her front teeth.  The babies we super cute of course dressed up as little monsters.

 On Halloween, we took all the kids out and went door to door until it got too cold for the babies, then Shane took them home and passed out candy while me and the kids went with some friends to MORE houses. 

 And of course we did some pumpkin carving! Shane and Dax did the one on the left and Kenna and I did the one on the right!


Rachael said...

Are those real pumpkins of the fake ones you can get at craft stores? You guys did a great job on them!

Palmers said...

They all look cute, and looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The weather was so great! We loved it too:)

The Andersens said...

Such CUTE pictures!! I love the halloween costumes!! Your kids are darling! All 4 of them! :)