Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DAX is 3!!!!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to our little DAXTON!!!!

Birthday Breakfast!!

I took treats into Dax's preschool class and they sang happy birthday to him AND it was his turn for show and tale....WHAT A DAY!  It was SO fun to see him at school!!
After school, Shane and I took the kids to Jumping Jacks in Springville.  Their cousins, Kalie and Kaydon met us there and they had the time of their lives!!
Dax's best buddy, Talan, brought him a present, Dax was so excited!
Dax got this at his play group!
We are having his birthday party on Saturday, and he is SOO excited for his RAR CAKE (dinosaur cake) and I'm SOOO excited to make it....LOL


Rachael said...

Love the pancakes! Maybe this will become my tradition because it use to be crepes but they take too long to make!!!