Monday, April 28, 2008

Catching Lizards

Yesterday, we decided to go up and catch some lizards with Mikenzee and Kyler (my niece and nephew). I made a lizard catching noose out of the end of a fishing pole and some fishing string(learned how to do it in college on a field trip). It was so fun! Shane wasn't really into it.....I guess he is too cool for that, he just rode his 4-wheeler. We caught 3 lizards pretty easy. Kyler even caught one. Even though Kennedi kept saying that she wasn't scared of them, they made her pretty nervous. I finally got her to pet one while I held it, she would just barely touch its tail.

Today, we we made the long trek home. Kennedi just cried when we had to leave this morning, she wanted to stay at grandma's for a long, long, long, time. I hate that she has to live so far away from all of our family! Hope it's not for much longer....we'll see.


Dani said...

Shanell...You are so stinking skinny. You look amazing and I just wish I looked as good as you. (I still have some baby fat to lose) I miss you and would love to see you if you ever are in Gunnison for a few days call. There's a good chance I'll be in Salina.

Dani said...

Hey- I would LOVE it if you ended up there. Eventually- like in 5 years we will be in Salina too. Let me know what's up. Ashley is in Riverton teaching school and it is her birthday today actually. I think she needs a blog.

Rachael said...

Catching lizards is just not something I picture you doing! That is hilarious!