Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My little Dax

My little Dax is getting so big! Although he STILL isn't talking, other then the 7 or so words he's been saying for months, he is turning into a little boy.

Life is always crazy with him, and the house is always messy....I think he has something against organization.

He is constantly riding something around the house, either his 4-wheeler, bike, or trucks...and just runs into anything in his path.

About three weeks ago, he decided one night that he was DONE with his crib. He has always went to bed so good and has been my good little sleeper until then. He would crawl out of his crib before we could even get out of the door to his room. So we knew it was time to turn it into a toddler bed....and he was not a fan of that either. We had to lock him in his room and he would cry at his door until he fell asleep, it was so sad!!

After about 2 and half weeks he has finally got used to it and now goes to bed so good. After I read him a story or 3, I kiss him goodnight and lays there by himself and goes to sleep.

Enjoying some pudding after church....
he cracks me up!
He LOVES to read books, whenever we go out to Shane's parents' house, he and Grandpa Reid read book in front of the's so cute!