Friday, June 6, 2008


So....our house got rented out sooner then we thought it would. We are moving all of our stuff to Redmond on Tuesday. It has been so crazy. We didn't plan on moving until July 6Th or 7Th, but things change I guess. I will have to come back down here for Kennedi's dance recital, some Dr. appointments, and the American Idol concert (woohoo), so we won't officially live there until like July 3rd. So we are getting all of our stuff packed up this weekend. Have I said how much I hate moving???


Rachael said...

Oh what a bummer! That is a lot of back and forth!
Did Steve ever tell Shane that we don't need to stay with you after all...good thing too!

Dani said...

Oh yeah!!!! I am happy to come and see you. You will have to let me know your address so we can visit.

Schueler Crew said...

SUCK! I can't believe how soon that happened. Me and some of my friends are planning on coming to go to Ikea.

Makenzie & Jordan said...

Where is Redmond? Sounds like too much fun! I hate moving too!