Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Little G Gette

On Friday, Kennedi got to dance with the G Gettes during half time at the football game, and she was totally thrilled about it , she loves to perform in front of people.

Here is just a little taste of the excitement...
After the dance, Kenna, Dax, & I headed to Green River, where Shane was playing softball in the Melon Days tournament.
It was fun to hang out with my family....Shane had to do the Parade for Humana, so they did it in my dad's Camaro.
My Dad, Kyler, and Dax kicken it at the softball game in the 2x2 spot of shade my whole family was trying to squeeze in.
Then today when Dax woke up from his nap he was standing up just hangin out when we went in to get him. I hollered at Kennedi to come and look at him, and she rushed to get my phone and took this picture of him....what a cutie!


Rachael said...

I probably say it every post but your kids are so ADORABLE!!!!!

Palmers said...

Looks like fun! That is so fun that Dax stood up. Landon is there to, but he just gets lazy and is a chicken:) He doesn't want to walk yet, but Mason took awhile to so o well! Looks like you guys are having fun:)

Palmers said...
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Palmers said...

That comment that was deleted was mine! I posted twice and I didn't think you would want to read to 2 times:)