Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sanpete County Fair & A Little Dax

On Saturday, we went to the Sanpete County Fair in Manti. We had a good time. We did the Parade for Humana and then headed over to see the animals and go on some rides.

This cow is HUGE!!! Seriously...the picture doesn't do it justice.
We ran into our neighbors, and kennedi's best little friends, Payton and Rilee. Payton was all ready for the cute!

Kennedi and Kalie petting a cow.

Riding some rides........this girl is fearless. She begged us to let her go on the zipper, luckily we ran into another neighbor friend and he went on it with her. She is at the very top in this picture.

Dax was spent...
Ok, so I haven't posted anything on Dax for a while. He is such a sweet heart!! Seriously the best little baby. Last week he cut his first tooth and the second one is almost through.
We got out the high chair when we moved in and he loves it!
He is such a good sleeper. We can just put him in his crib and he'll go to sleep. We put him to bed at 8:00 pm and he sleeps until 7:00 am, and the best part is, he has never slept in our bed....I learned my lesson well with Kennedi, who slept with us until she was 4.
He loves to be on the floor with his toys, he is just getting ready to crawl and he can entertain himself for a long time.

Ok....I know a lot of you are waiting for house pictures so I'll try to take some tomorrow and post them.


Palmers said...

Oh he is getting bigger since we saw him last:) We don't let our kids sleep with us either, that is nothing but trouble! Cute pics...that cow does look huge!

Ashley said...

We just barely moved Chase out of our bed. He cried for an hour an half 3 days straight, and then the 4th night only 10 min. Who knew! It is super nice to have him out of our bed though. We didn't move Halle out until she was 3. Pretty pathetic, I know.

I am dying to see pictures of your new house. Too bad I hardly ever go to Salina anymore. One of these days it'd be nice to stop by though.

Rachael said...

The zipper use to be my FAVORITE ride ever! Looks like a fun fair. Dax is adorable and I am so glad he is a good sleeper for you! You deserve it after Kennedi-that cutie!

*lindsey said...

oh Dax, what a yummy baby. can't wait to see pics of the house, although I will probably die of jealousy ;)

Jamie said...

So I have to ask where you got your super cute crib bedding bumper etc. I just saw it in your picture and I realized that I haven't bought one boy thing yet... really sad... I still have two months though right. Anyway I decided that I better get on it or my boy is going to have a lot of pink things.

Kirk, Mandii, Hunter & Taylor said...

WOW, he looks sooo... much older- cute little face!! I love that he's such a good baby! Is his hair getting lighter!?