Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We are back in Moab for the week because Shane is doing seminars for Humana here, Monticello, and in Blanding. Tonight, we carved our pumpkins. I look forward to this every year. Shane always acts like he is sooo put out by doing it, but secretly I know he loves it too. He still has a picture on his phone from the one he did last year that he was so proud of.

I know, I look like a COW!!

Kennedi DID NOT like to get the guts out....she only did that for the picture, and then washed her hands.

She just bossed Grandpa around the whole time.

The finished products......My dad did the one on the left, Shane did Kennedi's little cat, and I did the one on the right.

The one on the left is Shane's from last year.....mine is way better, don't you think?


Nona said...

Holy crap, how do you make pumpkins like that? I am lucky if mine get symmetrical triangle eyes,a little circle nose and some kind of mouth. Also can't believe you carved in a white shirt and it stayed clean. At my house there is pumpkin guts flying everywhere. We had a lot of fun with you guys last weekend. We need to get together more....and much personality, so much energy. I love it!

Kim said...

How fun! Those are some awesome looking pumpkins! My kids love pumpkin carving too.

peterson said...

Wow, you guys are awesome at carving pumpkins! We didn't even do that this year! And you look so cute pregnant, not at all like a cow!

Melissa said...

wow - nice! we didn't carve this year... we painted :) it was fun but i love carving so... we won't do that again :) you do not look like a cow! you look sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Those are some fabulous looking pumpkins!!! You guys are awesome at carving!! You need to teach us some of you techniques. Ours aren't quite that cool but still fun to do. Hope you had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!