Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snowbird Resort Getaway

We spent the past week at Snowbird because Humana (who Shane works for) had a big conference up there. It was so beautiful, and we had such a good time.

During the day while Shane was in meetings, Kennedi and I went down into town and took advantage of the great shopping that we don't have in Redmond. It was fun to do a little baby boy shopping (girl clothes are so much cuter though).

When Shane wasn't busy with meetings, we went on the tram up there. I think at the top, they said we were at 11,000 ft...kinda cool.

YIKES...I'm looking a little plump!

They were getting ready for October Fest, so there were random things like this all over.

Then to make a great week even better, was coming home to a DVR stocked full of my favorite shows that are back on that I'd missed (I know, I know, kind of pathetic :-).


Melissa said...

that is so pretty up there! I'll bet it was so nice! You are looking so dang cute!!!

Amy Jo said...

That is so cool. And I didn't see a plump bone on your body, you look gorgeous! I too am excited about my shows coming back.

Marci Coombs said...

You don't look plump AT ALL! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I just got done watching Desp. good! Are you watching it this season? I need to call you. I've got a couple of brand new baby boy stuff we bought for the 'biz' and never sold so I'll just send them to you if you want em.

Kirk and Mandii Olsen said...

It sure looks like you had a nice little trip!! So sorry we didn't meet up, I wanted to touch your little bump so bad! You all look just as darling as ever!!

Ashley Taylor said...

Don't you love the DVR!?! It's the greatest invention ever! I agree, boy clothes are cute, but girl stuff is more fun to buy. Halle's wardrobe was about 3 times as big when she was born. There are only so many plaid shirts that you can buy!

Do you watch Brothers & Sisters? It's the best show out there!

brookiebaby said...

Okay, how are you showing less than I am??? No fair! :) That's awesome that you had a fun get-away! And fun to do boy clothes shopping!!! :) It's getting closer!!!! (oh, ps. I cheated and bumped my baby ticker on my blog up a week, since the doctor said I was measuring a week early. My luck is I'll still go to the original due date, but I couldn't resist!!! )

Rachael said...

I love baby boy clothes! Maybe its because it has been way too long since buying girl clothes!
You look great!

Colin said...

I've always kinda been interested in the following:


If I major in the last three (my tops) I'd want to minor in Psych still.

Yeah actually NAU is WAY better than ASU, because it's better for on campus residence, is cheaper because of thing Western University Exhange program, and I already know someone there so wouldn't be COMPLETELY alone.

Are you still doing weight watchers? The only fat thing on you is the tummy.

lindsey said...

Aaah! Ghosts!! All over your blog! Cute. Looks like you guys had fun... we spent the weekend moving and unpacking and cleaning and painting and all the joys that go with. Ugh.

littlefamily said...

Looks like you guys get to go on lots of fun little getaways. I'm sure it was gogeous up there with all of the fall colors! Probably a little chilly too! You look awesome!! Not too much longer. He'll be here before you know it!! And yes, I have to agree that it is a little more difficult to find cute boy clothes than it is girl clothes.