Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pig Farm Fun

Kennedi's Preschool went on another field trip today to a pig farm. Even though it was FREEZING & STINKY, the kids had so much fun. They got to hold some babies, and the mom wanted to rip the kids' heads off....she was not happy.

This little pig was born yesterday, Kennedi thought it was so cute until it started pooping on her in the picture below.....Oh what's a pig farm without a little poop getting on ya :-)
Here they are all petting a baby chic. Ok, is it a little weird that she is a head taller then the rest of the kids???


Rachael said...

It is great that she is a head taller than every one else! Lucky girl!
I would love to go to the pig farm here so I could plant bombs for later! Stinky!!!

Kirk and Mandii Olsen said...

Ha ha, she IS hovering over all the other kids by a mile!! Funny she got pooped on. It's good she's a good mix of girlie girl and tom boy, ok maybe tom boy is a strech! Miss you guys!!

Tara Redd said...

Her pre-school sounds like she has a great time. They go on tons of fun field trips. What a great mom you are to always go with her. I'm going home this weekend call me.

lindsey said...

Looks like fun! Wish it was freezing here... or just sort of cold. It's 90 right now. I thought summer was over!