Friday, October 24, 2008

Catch of a Lifetime

Yesterday, Shane got done with work a little early, so we decided to take our boat out and do a little fishing. We weren't out there too long, when I got a bite and started reeling it in. Right after I got my bite, Shane said he had one too. I grabbed the net to pull mine in the boat, and the whole time, Shane was yelling that his was HUGE! Once I got mine in the boat, I gave him the net to pull his in.........
He was was HUGE!
It made mine, which was a little over a foot long, look like a wee little guy.
Shane was tinkling down both legs. He kept saying, "I need to call someone". So, after a few calls, we had to bring the boat in because both his dad and brother came to check out the fish.
After we went back out, Kennedi even got one.
Shane had a really hard time gutting his fish....he wanted to mount it, he said it was a catch of a lifetime, something you only see at Cabelas :-) It measured at 21 inches long. The rest of the night, he was sending a picture of it to everyone he knows.


Rachael said...

That is hilarious! You guys and your adventures! I am jealous!

Sarah Bogh said...

oh my gosh, that is funny! especially the cabellas part, guys are so funny with the things they care about. but i guess so are we. :)

Morgan Eliason said...

I just found your blog from Bridget and Dustin's blog! I am so excited for you to be having a little boy. My boys (Gage & Gunner) are getting so big. They are almost 8 months and are already into everything. It looks like you guys are doing well. I'll have to tell Bryce about your blog. I have a link on my blog to their's.
Love, Morgan

Nona said...

How fun! I didn't know you were a fisher. Anyway, that is awesome that he got such a big one!!!

lindsey said...

Fun stuff, you bunch of outdoorsy Utahans, you!

Em and Ken said...

That is so funny! I bet when Ken sees this he will be realy jelous! Nice job!

Em and Ken said...

Ok I saw it and I have to say that im not jealous! I caught one bigger than that in redmond lake a few weeks ago. I guess im going to have to come up and show you how to fish,jk! looks fun I like your boat, does it leak? We went to fishlake last week I wish we would have called you guys.