Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I think this is the first time since we've been married, that we didn't travel for Memorial Day weekend. It was actually nice to stay home. On Saturday, we got a lot of packing done, mostly just stuff that we don't use on a daily basis. We still have more then a month until we move, but we're just going to do a little at a time until then.

This morning, we played softball with a few families in our ward at an elementary school by our house. Kennedi even got in and played. She was so cute up to bat, and hit the ball every time (she's not left handed, we just taught her to hit left handed). The funniest thing was watching her run around the bases. Once she got to second base, she just continued on out to left field, it was a total crack up. Everyone was laughing, telling her the right way to go.

Later this afternoon, we all headed over to our friends, the Montgomery's, for a BBQ. They have a pool, so all of the kids got to swim.

Here is Kennedi, acting like the princess she is.....telling on the other kids when they splashed her. She loves hanging out with Kirsten, and seems to think she is 16-years-old too.

It has been such a great experience to live in AZ, and we have made great friends since we've been here that we will truly miss when we leave.


Rachael said...

We taught Eli how to bat left handed as well!
I love the picture of Kennedi lounging in the pool!

Melissa said...

I love all your pics! I want to go swimming so bad! I'll be taking Lana on Friday if Curtis is feeling well enough to watch Caleb :)

PS - exactly where is montecello? Are you still going to be far away from me or should I be getting excited that you are coming closer?

Ashley Taylor said...

Hey! It is so good to hear from you! That's crazy that you are moving to Redmond. Now I might get to see you once in a while. How nice! You guys have the cutest little family. Kennedi is so pretty!

To answer your question, yes, I am pregnant. I'm expecting in November, so that's why I'm not teaching next year.