Saturday, May 17, 2008

What an exciting Saturday.....

Ok, we are so lame, we have spent about 90% of today playing our Wii. A friend told us how to download all the old Nintendo games on to it, and today we can't seem to quit playing them (now we have other friends addicted as well). There are plenty of other things we could be doing, like packing up our house, but oh well. Plus, it is too hot outside to really do anything, it is 97 degrees today and is supposed to be up to 105 degrees by Tuesday. Not looking forward to the heat at all, and we are going to be moving in the dead of the summer. That should be loads of fun!


Rachael said...

Thank you! There are other people who are sadly addicted to this game besides me. I just don't know all of the secrets to SM III. I need to play with you so you can teach me master!
It is crazy how long you can sit there and play it!

Pratt Family said...

I think family time is family time, no matter how it is spent. It sounds like fun actually and I don't blame you for not wanting to be out in the heat.