Friday, May 30, 2008

Diamond Backs Game

My good friend Monica, her husband Nick, and their daughter Addison were in town last night. Nick works in Tucson as a baseball trainer, so he got us some FREE tickets to the Diamond Backs game. Our seats were awesome! They were a little ways up from the visitor's dugout. It was a really fun night, it is always fun to catch up with friends you don't get to see very often.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I think this is the first time since we've been married, that we didn't travel for Memorial Day weekend. It was actually nice to stay home. On Saturday, we got a lot of packing done, mostly just stuff that we don't use on a daily basis. We still have more then a month until we move, but we're just going to do a little at a time until then.

This morning, we played softball with a few families in our ward at an elementary school by our house. Kennedi even got in and played. She was so cute up to bat, and hit the ball every time (she's not left handed, we just taught her to hit left handed). The funniest thing was watching her run around the bases. Once she got to second base, she just continued on out to left field, it was a total crack up. Everyone was laughing, telling her the right way to go.

Later this afternoon, we all headed over to our friends, the Montgomery's, for a BBQ. They have a pool, so all of the kids got to swim.

Here is Kennedi, acting like the princess she is.....telling on the other kids when they splashed her. She loves hanging out with Kirsten, and seems to think she is 16-years-old too.

It has been such a great experience to live in AZ, and we have made great friends since we've been here that we will truly miss when we leave.
Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pooring!

The weather has been so crazy here lately. Two days ago, it was 108 degrees outside and today it is hailing chunks of ice the size of marbles. Kennedi loves to play in the rain, so she was running around in it for a minute, until it started hailing like this....

Wow, I think that is just amazing! I've never seen it do this in the 10 months we've lived here. It makes me so excited to move back to Utah to actually have seasons again.


Woo Hoo!! I was so excited that David Cook won last night, because in all honesty, I thought Archuleta had it. I'm glad that Simon apologized to him at the end for judging him so harshly the night before. I thought the opening song they sang together by Chad Kroeger was amazing!!
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol

I am so excited for American Idol tonight. I haven't watched American Idol since the 2nd season, but this season I'm hooked. I love DAVID COOK!! I have ever since the first couple weeks. I think he totally deserves to win tomorrow. So, I'll admit it, I will be voting for him tonight!

Time for a haircut.

I gave Kennedi a haircut today, and let me tell you, it was way past due. I always trim it up every couple months....but this time I waited a little too long. I put her in the shower this morning (she likes showers, not tubs) and when the water ran down her back, her hair was so long that it was in her little bum crack. It totally made me laugh. So I told her we needed to cut it a little bit today. She got all excited and told me that she wanted it cut like my friend Lindsey's, who by the way, has a way cute hair cut like Posh Spice. I, of course, put the kibosh on that idea, and cut about 2 inches off. It looks much better.
Saturday, May 17, 2008

What an exciting Saturday.....

Ok, we are so lame, we have spent about 90% of today playing our Wii. A friend told us how to download all the old Nintendo games on to it, and today we can't seem to quit playing them (now we have other friends addicted as well). There are plenty of other things we could be doing, like packing up our house, but oh well. Plus, it is too hot outside to really do anything, it is 97 degrees today and is supposed to be up to 105 degrees by Tuesday. Not looking forward to the heat at all, and we are going to be moving in the dead of the summer. That should be loads of fun!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pre-School Graduation!!

Today was Kennedi's last day of her first year of pre-school. They did a little program for all the parents, it was so cute. They just sang a bunch of songs that they had learned throughout the session. We have really liked this pre-school, and it was a little sad to me that her first year is over. She is growing up too fast!! I was reading the talk that Elder Ballard gave in General Conference and he said that the early years in our child's life represents less then one tenth of a parent's normal life. That really hit me, we have such a short time to enjoy our little precious ones. I just want to freeze her the way she is and enjoy her and everything she does!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

7 YEARS!!!

Wow, today is our anniversary.....I can't believe it has been 7 years. The time has gone by so fast, but yet, is seems like we have been together forever!!! I can't remember what life is like without him. Even though sometimes I want to kill him (not literally), I'm so thankful that I found such a great guy. We'v had so much fun together, and I'm excited to see what is yet to come for us!
Friday, May 9, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, Shane didn't have anything going on, so we decided to go to the temple. The Mesa temple is so beautiful, especially this time of year. We've had so much going on in our lives the past few months, and it's always so nice to go to the temple where you can escape from it all and just be at peace for a few hours and think about what's really important. Even though things don't always go the way we want them to, we are so blessed, and so thankful for all that we have.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to Utah!

Last week, Shane accepted a new job back in Utah. We are so excited!!! We can pick where we want to live as long as it is in Sanpete or Sevier County (which Shane is thrilled about)! I'm pretty thrilled myself. Shane is from Gunnison, and we met at Snow College, which are both in Sanpete county, so we have a lot of good friends who live throughout both counties. Now we just have to decide where we want to live. We will just rent a home for a while, and right now it is looking like either Gunnison or Redmond (I'm pretty sure I swore I'd never live in Gunnison when we first got married). It will be good for us to get back, we have really grew to like AZ, but it's just too far from family. We will miss our ward here and the good friends that we have made while we've been here.
Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trophy Day!!

Today was Kennedi's last soccer game, thank goodness, she played at 9:00 this morning and it was already SO hot. She made 3 goals today(one for the other team), so she was pretty excited. After the game, each kid got a little trophy. She has been looking forward to this trophy the whole season. She is so excited to show her friend Blake, and put it on her TV so that her brothers and sisters can't get it???? (who knows, maybe she knows something we don't).
Thursday, May 1, 2008

Take me out to the ball game.....

Shane and Kennedi went to a Diamond Backs game yesterday with our friend Joe and his son Grant. It was her first major league baseball game. It got a little long for her though, as you can see, she didn't quite make it to the 7th inning stretch. I think she was still feeling a little sick from the day before. They had a good time though.....thanks to Joe for the free tickets!!

All in a days work.

Every once in a while, Kennedi gets in a cleaning mood. It is so funny, she goes from room to room "cleaning" everything she can, and by "cleaning" I mean shoving things in totally random places like closets and our Armoire. The other night, she wanted to wax the floor. Don't ask me where she's ever heard the phrase "wax the floor" because I know I've never said or done that. So this is her version of waxing the floor. Then I was trying to get her to stop so that she could get ready for bed, and the only way I could was to promise her that she could help me clean the bathrooms the next day after school, she looked up at me with a big smile and said "thanks mom".

By the time she finally made it to bed, she had a fever, and had thrown up all over ME! She kept saying, "Sorry mom, it was an accident", it just broke my heart. I hate it so bad when she gets sick, she is just not herself........